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Web Drawing Manager: Securely share drawings to streamline design and improve project collaboration.


Globally manage drawings.

Design teams are often made up of key players from different locations. They may be from other departments or buildings. They may be contractors, sub-contractors, consultants, principals or management. Good teamwork and synergistic sharing of ideas from all team members can improve the design and avoid costly changes during manufacturing or construction.

While travel budgets and compressed project time lines work against involving everyone, Web Drawing Manager helps team members access current and previous versions of all materials at any time. Decisions, comments and approvals can therefore be based upon complete and accurate information.

To be effective, Web Drawing Manager was designed for secure drawing storage and distribution, to require no training other than simple on screen instructions, to automatically retain versions and to control access and integrity through users permissions and update locks. In short, Web Drawing Manager streamlines the logistics so the focus can be on the design.



  • Instantly create your own shared drawing server on the internet.
  • 'Check Out' drawings for exclusive update control.
  • 'Release' drawings for others to update.
  • Retain all versions automatically to track revisions.
  • Use free viewers, such as DWG TrueView and Autodesk Design Review, for users that just need to view or redline drawings and plots.
  • Use CAD programs, such as AutoCad and TurboCad, for design and update.
  • Easily upload and download multiple drawings and xrefs at one time.
  • Maintain drawing integrity with lock and release control.
  • Know for certain that you are retrieving the most current version.
  • Avoid the attachment, firewall and spam filter issues of trying to email large drawing files.
  • Automatically restrict drawings and plots to project team members.
  • Assign tasks and route for approvals.
  • Personalize the Web Drawing Manager organization to fit your company.
  • Easily add or rename directories and folders.
  • Restrict access and use of sensitive folders to specific users.




Web Drawing Manager. Securely share drawings to streamline design and project teamwork.




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All our drawings are at the architects office.

Frequently the master drawings are maintained at the architects or engineers office for expediency. So when you need to check out drawings or plots, you search for paper plots, CD's or DVD's with the current version. But how do you know it is the most current? Most likely, you end up using a version of questionable currency or contact your architect to get a new file or plot.

With the Web Drawing Manager drawings or plots can be stored for access by either your design firm or your in house staff. The most recent design is available for 'Check Out' by either. You can easily undertake projects in house that don't require design professional services, and when additional expertise or resources are needed, the latest changes made by either group are available.

Easily upload one or many files at a time.

Select one or many files from your directories and hit the "Upload" button. Select a project, assign a category or add a note, if you wish. Posting files is an intuitive and straight forward process.


My emails with attached drawings aren't getting to the recipient.

You don't know exactly what is happening to the emails with drawings attached, but you keep trying to get them through. You split them up. You zip them. You check with your email service provider. You ask the recipient to check with their email service provider. Is there a size limit somewhere along the way? Is the file type getting filtered by a spam filter? Is a firewall preventing your drawings for getting to the people you wanted to have them? Has someone intercepted the drawings along the way?

And then, if the drawings do finally get where you sent them, the drawings clog up the email client of the recipient while they download, perhaps slowing access to an email that is needed right away.

This situation is aggravating and time consuming. Web Drawing Manager alleviates these problems. Operating in a secure https environment, firewalls allow files to pass. In addition, files are encrypted during upload and download. Theoretically files up to 4 GB can be handled by Web Drawing Manager. We've never tested anything that big, but we have successfully tested files up to 250 MB. Once uploaded, the drawings can be retrieved by any authorized user, when and, if they want them.

Downloading is equally straight forward.

Web Drawing Manager. Securely share drawings to streamline design
	and project teamwork.

Select the files and "Download" to the default directory or to one you pick.

Why not just use an FTP directory or shared drive?

Web Drawing Manager gives you automatic control above and beyond an FTP site or shared drive. When you update a file, the current version is renamed to include the version number and retained. You automatically get version control and a history to recall old versions, if necessary.

Permissions limit user groups to even see some folders, if you choose. In addition, you can allow or deny groups the ability to add, update or delete files within the folder. Initially Web Drawing Manage is set up to restrict the delete capability for most user groups, but you can change group permissions easily by clicking check boxes.

Team members can only view items that are associated with their projects or that are not project-related. Each drawing and file that is uploaded into Web Drawing Manager has an associated database record. This is used to validate which drawings and files are listed or available to a user. In addition to the security and control aspects of this approach, lists show just the files the user is looking for and can be further filtered.

In addition, drawings and files can be checked out to one user at a time. This helps avoid problems of new versions overlaying changes made by previous users without including those changes.

What if users working on your drawings are at different sites?
Many projects require contributions from team members in other locations, such as corporate headquarters, plants and sub-contractors. Use Web Drawing Manager to bring your team together virtually on the Internet. Securely and easily share drawings and manage revisions.



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